Windows optimal config for CS:GO

In this article, we will see how to optimize Windows config for CS:GO in order to have the best performance possible while keeping a clean and usable system.

At first, why Windows? Just because according to Steam, 97.7% of CS:GO players are on Windows !

If you guy are under mac or linux, tell us about it and we will make an article especially for you !

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First point: which version of Windows to choose ?

Windows 7 ? Windows 10 ? Which one is the best to play CS:GO ?

You should know that there is a fundamental overhaul (kernel) of Windows between these two versions, it does not change a lot of things for the user but for the interface with the components of the computer it changes a lot of stuff !

Ok, that’s cool, but what’s the best? ?

I have used Windows 7 for a long time and I will never come back to it again! It is far too old! Driver management is prehistoric and even the management of new services/applications is much more optimized under Windows 10.

One simple thing, Windows 10 automatically handles the majority of drives in your pc. No need to go search the net for your drivers when you reinstall your system! Microsoft has worked well with the various manufacturers so that everything happens smoothly and automatically now.

In fact Windows 7 has nothing for it honestly. It is useless. It is not to vomit but it embarks nothing of interest to the user, it is more basic at all levels. The only reason I see why you could stay on it is that you already have it installed and that you do not want to change for fear of change. If you are in this category no worries. Otherwise I do not know what else you can do under Windows 7 !

Some reading this will tell me “Yeah but Windows 10 consumes more resource blablabla”

False! Completely, it optimizes even better the ones it has lol …

For example, the management of available RAM is much better, kind really much better under Windows 10 than under Windows 7.

Already if you have the default theme Windows 7 you have transparencies everywhere, it consumes his mother of the resource these things. If you have already seen some tutorials you may have put the old themes type Windows 98 and there, I admit, you can not do better, it’s clear! But, you do not have to go to such extremes! Indeed, the default theme of Windows 10 is sober, it embarks nothing superfluous. You just have to disable things like the transparency of the start menu and the color optimization according to your wallpaper. This stuff is useless and it’s a wasted resource (like 0,00000001 mhz 😆 ) so if you want to be good you disable that.

The major problem of Windows 10 is the problem of accounting with old software, you should know that you can activate the old versions (inheritance) of .DotNetFramework or others (Panel config, added functionality, and the legacy thing). But hey, it’s used if you play TombRaider II released in 1997. Otherwise for recent games like CS:GO, it’s useless.


A very important thing to do is disable this shit that is “acceleration of the mouse”! This thing is a horror if you want to be precise when you’re under pressure.

I’m talking to you in detail about the mouse configuration in this article

The ressources

Another important thing also to avoid breaking your Windows, do not try to think of yourself as a sorcerer’s apprentice by disabling Windows or Windows Defender security rules. Do not forget that Windows is a strainer in normal timesSo if you remove the existing security is open bar on your PC. Also, do not disable any Windows services if you are not sure of its usefulness! The majority of processes consume nothing, they are asleep putting them out will not do much except potentially, do not run your pc properly.

Another important point is the applications that start when you start your PC.

Many applications (Steam, Discord, FaceIt etc…) like to start at Windows startup. This slows down the time your PC starts. If you like to have a coffee in front of your PC that starts remains like that! But if you want to optimize it is better to have the fewest possible applications that start automatically at startup.

What I advise you is to keep the startup applications that you use ALWAYS when you start your PC. Indeed, often you find yourself with many applications that turn in the background for nothing because you do not use it. They take resources for nothing and can prevent a good experience on CS:GO!

If you think I forgot things do not hesitate to tell me in comment. I would add all this to the article !


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