Mouse sensitivity in CS:GO, how to find it ?

What is the ultimate mouse sensitivity ? Should you use a pro player’s setup ?

As I said in my post on configurations in CS:GO, there is nothing like a bad sensitivity, and choosing a pro player’s setup isn’t necessarily the best thing to do !

To understand which sensitivity is the most appropriate, you need to consider several points.

The size of your mouse pad

Actually, on the market there are lots of different mouse pads available, with or without designs, of various sizes, thickness and weight. I use QCK heavy.

Here are some examples of differences between the various Steelseries mouse pads (size and thickness) :

mouse sensitivity,qck, steelseries, mouse pad, roadtopgm, roadtoglobal, csgo

mouse sensitivity,qck, steelseries, mouse pad, roadtopgm, roadtoglobal, csgo

First of all, when choosing your mouse pad, take into account the space, the environment where you play. The size of your desk and its height are all important. Whether you are left handed or right handed, the space available to you when playing is an important criteria when it comes to choosing your mouse pad.

If you have only 2cm2 to play, it may prove somewhat complicated !

The mouse pad must never slip. It must remain steady on a smooth surface. Some mouse pads have nonslip material stuck on one of their side. Others are heavy and are maintained on the surface by their weight. Some mouse pads combine both features. Your mouse pad must remain stable in order for you to enjoy a fluid gaming experience.

If you have a lot of space, I recommend you choose a very big mouse pad even if your mouse has a high sensitivity level and you don’t need to make big moves to progress in the game. Having a lot of space is always pleasant and useful when needed.

Understanding the characteristics of a mouse

Simple and efficient !

Another point to consider is the type of mouse : once you’ve chosen your mouse pad, you need to choose your mouse. Prefer a simple and efficient FPS friendly mouse. Not a mouse with lots of buttons on its side or with lots of useless functionalities or with flashing lights. Such features are not useful and they won’t help you improve your game play. I use the rival 300. It is very simple, does not cost a fortune and is very efficient. There are lots of other mice of the same type and I recommend you consider this one to choose yours. You need to be able to set up your mouse’s DPI as well as its polling rate. This is of utmost importance ! I’ll write a more detailed article on DPI soon. In the meantime check up wikipedia’s quite clear explanation. In theory, having a very high DPI is super good. However, the problem with mice is that they are equipped with memories and calculators that are not first rate. So, sometimes, with certain sensitivity or DPI levels the mouse lags. The cursor then makes weird moves and is no longer fluid at all.

Feel comfortable !

The most important thing as regards configurations is to feel comfy ! There is no miracle configuration. You will find the proper configuration bit by bit, by trial and error, by checking and see which works best. Take default configs as a reference point. Try to get used to a config and slightly change it on a screen resolution and a DPI resolution etc.
Having a reference point config is always interesting. But you won’t be Scream because you have Scream’s sensitivity and config. He has trained for hours, he has always kept to the same configuration. He changes it from time to time, to optimize it according to his needs, but he must have played with the same config for about ten years. So he doesn’t want to change. It’s the same for you, for your brain to get used to them, you have to repeat the same moves hundreds of times in the same conditions.

So, how to find the right mouse sensitivity ?

Practise shooting

Meeting up with a friend on a map is a good idea. Position your friend somewhere and try to «turn» him. In other words : you take a position somewhere and you place someone behind you. You should be able to turn round and shoot someone in a single fluid movement. You must also be able to «flex shoot», shoot quickly in someone’s head. If you can’t, then it means the settings are bad.

Have freedom of movement

You need to be able to move about easily, to aim where you want when you want. In CS:GO you move not only with the keyboard, you move where the aim is. So you need to be able to change direction quickly. You don’t want your moves to be hindered. I used to always have that feeling, I didn’t feel free in my movements, I felt I lacked accuracy when shooting. My wrist even ached, it was a drag. So, I thought it over.
So to check if your mouse’s sensitivity is good in all circumstances try to make a u-turn, move about and change direction very quickly.
Finally, take position in a pit in DUST_2 and make sure you manage to shoot someone in bomb site A and rapidly shoot at another spot such as the A ramp for example.
Be careful, your not succeeding after choosing a sensitivity doesn’t mean your sensitivity is bad. But, the nearer the head, the closer to what you want.

My advice

There is no magic sensitivity, it’s up to you to find the right one. Do not push it though :’) The best sensitivity is somewhere between
400-1000 dpi

It can be set up from the configuration pannel of your mouse.

Windows sensitivity between 5 and 7. For Linux and Mac it’s different (article on Linux and Mac for CS coming soon !).

For Windows check out the options of the mouse (windows 7 and 10) and then the «sensor options» and you have a small 11 point gauge.

Sensitivity in game is between 0.5 and 1.5, via the «sensitivity (0 to 2)» console or in the keyboard mouse menu.

Play with all those parameters to find out the most fluid aim.


Finding the or rather your best sensitivity is a very long and complicated task but is of utmost importance if you want to shoot accurately in Counter Strike ! This type of optimization shouldn’t be taken lightly. You won’t have the perfect config at first. Never mind. But disregarding or messing up such aspects of the game is like shooting oneself in the foot !
Do feel free to come back to us in the comments if you have any questions. If you want some points explained let me know and we’ll discuss them.

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