New ranks CSGO the graphic redesign!

New ranks csgo! Here we go! Let’s go!

Graphic redesign of CSGO ranks!

There have been a lot of revisions in CS: GO for 5 years:

  • The graphic redesign of the menu
  • Redesign of several maps (Nuke/Inferno/Dust2/Train)
  • Change of gun sounds
  • And a lot of new features in the game (like AWP’s travel speed)

But never was the skins of ranks called into question…. It’s done now!

Here are the new ranks:


new rank csgo global elite roadtopgm nouveaux ranks

new rank

It’s weird;):

global new rank

global new rank

New matchmaking system: Trust Factor!

But it’s not over yet! Big changes are coming for the matchmaking system.

Indeed, the “Prime” system was set up some time ago to guarantee an optimal gaming experience. The system allowed to play between “premium” people and thus avoid bad ingame encounters (cheaters etc.).

However, this system posed a real problem: two communities of CS: GO players were created: bonuses and non-premiums.

The developers didn’t like it, so they set up the Trust Factor system.

Trust factor what is it?

An automatic system that classifies players according to several parameters.

This allows you to matchmaking with people with the kind of behavior you have.

Indeed, the parameters taken into account by trust factor are for example:

  • game time on CSGO
  • time for games on other games
  • the number of deferrals
  • connection time on Steam
  • etc

All the trust factor factors have not been revealed so that players don’t change their habits to please the system.

And Prime ? What happens to him?

This new trust factor system replaces the premium for all players.

However, it will still be possible to limit the matchmaking to bonus accounts as before if you wish.


The new ranks skin are nice.

In conclusion, this new trust factor system is promising. We will see how this will evolve in the cheaters.


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