Wingman : 2v2 mod on CS:GO

Wingman, a 2v2 game mode for everybody !

For those who do not know the Wingman game mode yet, I will introduce it. Then I will talk about the changes that were made after the end of Operation Hydra. And finally, after having tested it for more than a week, I will give you my opinion!

Wingman, what is it ?

Wingman was made during operation Hydra.

The process is simple, we start anti-terrorist or terrorist with $ 800, as a classic match. The goal is to plant the bomb when we are terro, or to prevent or defuse the bomb.

It’s played in 16 rounds (you have to win 9 rounds to win the match). Each round lasts 1 minute 35 seconds. It is therefore much shorter than a normal match. The pay system is also changed a bit: you make more money overall. It avoids having to eco on certain rounds as we usually do.

Wingman was in test at the time of Hydra, with a system of very basic rank: you win the match you gain a point, you lose the match you lose a point. There were 10 ranks (from 1 to 10). That’s it  🙂

The advantage is that it was not difficult to rank up when you were good. But I think most of the players have struggled to familiarize because the system was very different from the competitive 5v5 games we are used to.

Today with the upgrade of ranks and Prime, Wingman has been officially launched off operation and so is accessible to everyone and all the time.

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Major changes in the mode

The rank system has been changed, now it looks a lot like the 5v5 (from Silver to Global Elite). We now have two ranks. However, we do not know if the ELO points are calculated in the same way.

Also, we now have the opportunity to choose the maps! In the previous version of Wingman a map was chosen randomly at the launch of the match. New maps are also available!

Here is the list of the maps :

  • Inferno
  • Overpass
  • Cobblestone
  • Train
  • Shortdust
  • Rialto
  • Lake

The first 4 maps of the list are part of the official map pool, so these are the maps played during the competitions.

My PGM’s opinion about Wingman

After more than a week playing, solo and duet, I find the game mode Wingman really good. As I had already said during the release of the Hydra operation, it’s a great idea of fast 2v2 on situations of taking BP. If you want to learn to play and be able to train on a specific moment, it’s perfect.

In addition, with the system of rank we fight against players who have our level (which is not the case in servers “retake” of the community). It also allows you to better manage your stress because you are almost constantly on your guard. Nobody can help us. When we are in 5v5 if we die it is not too serious, in the sense that someone can catch up with our mistake. There in 2v2 it is much more risky.

Also, if you are used to playing in pairs this is really a mode that allows you to progress together and learn to synchronize.

To start it’s really not bad too, we have only two opponents to manage and the map is small, so we can hardly get lost! And on the other hand it is more challenging and more stressful because less teammate to cover us and to delay. This is a mode that can quickly increase our personal skill, because each action can chang the situation.

The game mode is great, but as I’m never happy here are some small flaws that I find it  😛

The defects :

  • No replay. It’s a pity and sometimes even frustrating not being able to see your match again. It will have been practical to try to understand why we have just lost, or to review a crazy move we just made!
  • The spawn. The places where players start on the map are not perfectly balanced. This is a detail that can give an advantage depending on whether you are a terrorist or an anti-terrorist. Depending on the maps we have BP difficult to defend or difficult to take.
  • The rank. Although it is better than before, as it has just changed the players are not yet well distributed. We fight against people who have very different levels, to the point that in some games we finish on a 9-0. In a few weeks, the players will be placed in the ranks that match them and we will no longer have this problem.
  • The maps. So, I do not understand why Valve has integrated 3 maps that are not part of the map pool. Personally I do not want to train on these maps because in matchmaking they are never played. I would have preferred to see all official maps in Wingman. But who knows, maybe there will be a rotation.

In conclusion, it’s really great to have a game mode that changes from the traditional 5v5. You can play it as well for fun as for training on different skills!

And you, did you test Wingman? What do you think about it ? Do not hesitate to tell me that in the comments just below the article! 🙂 Do not forget to share the article and to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and Youtube !
See u soon !


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