RoadToPGM Store !

The RoadToPGM Store opens its doors ! Here is the address of the new RoadToPGM store !

Why this store ?

The RoadToPGM project costs money. And you’ve only seen the website, more amazing stuff is coming ! (Be prepared to rankup at the speed of light !) 😉

A big project is coming up ! I’ll tell you more about it soon !

So, this new store is here to help me build these projects for you. AND most of all, to help you show the entire world that you’re one of the best ! And last but not least, to get you clothes caus’ it’s not really cool to be naked when it’s cold 😉

roadtopgm global elite cs:go counter strike poulet boutique froid csgo

So, what exactly is in this store ?

For this store I wanted to do something a little bit original. Offer you a bit more than a simple T-shirt printed in a factory. So I decided to create some unique T-shirts, created by my own arms ! (my global arms helped in the creation of these T-shirts 😎 ). I’m sure this global energy will transfer to you as you wear them and you’ll rankup like never before !

vegeta global kek

Silk… what ?

So as I said before, I wanted to create something original. That’s why I decided to use the traditional silkscreen technique to print these awesome T-shirts.

There will be some behind the scenes articles here and on instagram 😉

You can find all the T-shirts here in the store :

You still here ?!

If you like these first T-shirts, I will create new designs and some special limited editions !

I really hope that you’ll like this. When you get your RoadToPGM T-shirt, don’t forget to post some photos on social networks and use the #roadtopgm hashtag so we can see that you’ve got swag 😀

Don’t hesitate to tell me if you want to see something particular on these T-shirts, maybe I’ll do it !

Launching Offer !

Use the code “global” and get free shipping !  😎

See you soon in the store !


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