Retake in CSGO : how to manage it ?

What is a retake ?

A retake starts when the bomb has been planted. During a retake we resume the objective, we defuse the bomb.

roadtopgm global elite cs:go counter strike retake dust2

The retake is one of the most important phases. It is when the whole round can switch.

A retake is the moment when the roles are reversed, the terrorists have to defend a “bomb site” and the anti-terrorists must defuse the bomb in a very short time (which depends on the mode of the game and the servers but about 35 seconds). At first glance, 35 seconds seems enough just to kill a few players and to defuse a bomb, but in reality it is not always enough.

Indeed, it takes some time to arrive near the “bomb site”. In addition, it is very easy for terrorists to throw a smoke and thus gain 16 more seconds.

I will take an example: the terrorists managed to take the “bomb site” A on Dust 2. The last antiterrorists alive are split between the short and the CT spawn. With a small flash in the short, terrorists can win a few extra seconds. In the interval taken by the anti-terrorists to arrive at the short, 10 more seconds have passed. A smoke in the short is 16 more seconds if the enemy does not go through it. This takes us to 26 seconds of lost time (or won, it all depends on the point of view). So there’s only 10 seconds left to kill the enemies + defuse the bomb. As a reminder this takes, with a kit, 5 seconds. Without a defusing kit, it’s 10 seconds !

The importance of the stuff :

In the previous example, we saw that a bit of stuff could enormously slow down a retake.

However, this implies that terrorists have a smoke available and that they use it at the right time. If we take again the same example : if the anti-terrorist takes 10 seconds to arrive and the smoke was placed 10 seconds before, it will block him only six seconds.

roadtopgm global elite cs:go counter strike smoke retake dust2

It must also be taken into account that the anti-terrorist may have smokes, flashes, etc. to try to save time.

Some tips to better manage a retake 💡

The first thing to know is that you have to be coordinated, play with your team :

Whether one is an anti-terrorist or a terrorist, it is imperative “revenge”, if one of your teammates dies, to be able to kill the person who killed him immediately and try to reach at the same time the different angles that the terrorists could keep. This increases the chances of killing the enemy.

Keep your stuff during the whole round :

Indeed, many players use their grenade, molotov or smoke much too fast. They find themselves after a minute with nothing to defend or attack. Without stuff at this time, the retake is much more complicated.

roadtopgm global elite cs:go counter strike retake stuff smoke molo molotov flash

Do not commit suicide :

It’s not because there’s a smoke and  time is passing by that you have to run through the smoke and commit suicide. In an article on economics (available here) I spoke about the importance of not losing your weapon. If the bomb is about to explode or retake is not possible, it is completely useless to commit suicide 😆 . It is better to hide and kill a terrorist trying to escape from the bomb site.

Search for info all the time :

Finding information for a retake is extremely important. Indeed, having information on the opposing team  gives you an advantage during a retake. This can help you know where to place a molotov, a smoke or a flash. This information may be audible or visual :

  • Either by stepping aside to gain information on the position of an enemy.
  • Either by listening to obtain information, to find out where an enemy is when, for example, he jumps or forgets to walk.

As a terrorist, know where to plant the bomb :

➡ This point is also very important 💡

Indeed, if you plant the bomb well you can make the retake much harder than could have been.

As you have the possibility to choose where to plant the bomb, take this opportunity to place it to your advantage! Try to plant the bomb in a place that your team can defend easily and which will be at the same time difficult for the anti-terrorists to reach.

roadtopgm global elite cs:go counter strike retake bomb plant

An example: on the bomb site A: it can be smart to place it at the edge of the site. Why ? When the anti defuses, he can be killed :

  • from the CT ramp
  • from the CT spawn
  • and from short and long

This allows all your teammates to kill more easily by having multiple angles.

Save time to defeat the enemy :

I was talking about it at the beginning of the article. A well positioned smoke can cause the enemy to waste a lot of time. There are plenty of defensive smokes. They must be learned in order to cause anti-terrorists to waste as much time as possible.

Many Molotov also enable you to retake a bomb site more easily by dislodging terrorists from some hidden places.

roadtopgm global elite cs:go counter strike molo molotov cache retakeroadtopgm global elite cs:go counter strike molo molotov cache retake

How to train to retake ?

On the community servers, search the keyword “retake”. You will find many servers in which you appear directly in a retake situation (offensive or defensive).

The disadvantage of this game mode is that there is no rank system. You can fight against very good or very bad players, which can be frustrating for some or uninteresting for others. So you have to have a good enough level to really train (but you can do it no matter your rank).

This is probably temporary but the operation hydra offers 2v2 with a kind of rank system. The advantage of this game mode is that it is fast and fairly situational. On the other hand, the problem is that these cards are not in the map pool. So if you want to train on cache, inferno or train, you can’t. Maybe it will change.

What is the aim of training in this mode ?

It enables you to train on a specific moment in a round which is crucial because it is the moment which will make you lose or win. The other advantage is that it gives you an opportunity to practice your stress management.

I hope this article has helped you better understand how to handle a retake. Do not hesitate to share our site to support us and to follow us on facebook twitter instagram and youtube to tell us which map you want us to analyze in retake !
See u soon !


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