Money in csgo

Money in Counter Strike Global Offensive (CSGO)

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How to optimize your money and manage your economy ?

As we are going to see in this article, in CSGO money is the nerve of war.
Making profits of my actions is also the ability to calculate the ratio between my investments, my earnings and the enemy’s losses.


Counter Strike being a FPS, accuracy is crucial but being able to buy the good weapon and the good equipment is just as important.
In fact, how many rounds could have been won with a smoke and with an additionnal kit ?
A faulty buy can handicap you from the beginning of the round. It’s better to save money for 1 or 2 rounds, and thus, maybe change a defeat into victory. You can’t win a round fighting with rocks against tanks.

It is not recommended to buy a M4 without kevlar because from the moment you are hit by a bullet, precision of your gun is too much random to be efficient, the chances of dying are too high and the chances to kill too small. It’s better to make another choice : one more eco, or else buy a cheaper gun but with a kevlar protection.

M44 or M4A-1s = 3100$
Famas + Kevlar without helmet + flash = 3100$

Buying a kit during an eco round makes you lose 400$ because there is not enough chance to go to a defusing situation. If you want to spend a little bit more money, buy a P250 (300$). You have more chances to make profits of it.
These were few examples that can make you lose the match.
Important to explain :
This kind of situation does not apply if you are against players with a lower rank, but for an equal skill it’s too risky for  too slim a chance of winning.

We will now see remuneration cycles of the rounds

1. Team profit :

Each round brings 3250$, a bomb plant or a defuse bring 250$ extra (total : 3500$)
The losers’ remuneration system in Counter Strike enables, over the lost rounds, to give you the opportunity to catch up. In fact for each loss in a row, remuneration increases as follows :

1st round : 1400$
2nd round : 1900$
3rd round : 2400$
4th round : 2900$
5th round and over: 3400$

For example : if you lose the first three rounds without buying or killing an enemy, you’ll get : 5700 $ (if you spent 800$ during the first round) which enables you to begin a strong 4th round.

2. Personal profit :

A bomb plant/desufe : 300$

The basic remuneration for each killed enemy is 300$, it can vary depending on your weapon.
With a rifle it’s 100% except for AWP : it’s only 33% (so 100$)
With a shotgun you earn 300% (900$) but 100% for Negev/M249
With PM it’s 200% apart from P90
With a grenade, this is 100%

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