Hydra, the new operation release !

Hydra Operation ! The awesome surprise Valve announced on May 23rd! A new operation and its set of new additions!

We are spoilt and it’s about time ! Operation Hydra, the new operation.

We recently got a lot of updates (the new cases, the removal of Dust2 from competitive play, the new Canals map the major  or the gloves …) And Valve surprises us with a new operation.

Hell ! It’s about time !


First, what is an operation?!?

It is a DLC that you can purchase to get a time limited access to several maps and advantages like the possibility to win the objects from the cases of the operation at the end of the matches!
What’s new ?

This update brings a lot of changes and adds new game modes that are much more fun!


This is a 2v2 mode with a single bomb site, so the map is pretty small and very situational. A *F…g good idea! For years we’ve been playing it in the retake mode but Valve adds a new mode. It’s not exactly a retake mode but it is close to it and it has the same goal and the type of training is as cool. I will test it and make a video (It will be available here when ready) .

“Weapon Expert”

You choose a weapon at the beginning of the game and you have to keep the weapon all along the 30 rounds!

This requires real team thinking to decide which weapon to choose since you have to stick to this weapon all along the match.

“War Games”

This game mode includes several sub modes.

The first one is Heavy Armor :

Hydra Heavy Armor

All the characters have a heavy armor, so now, no more one shot headshot 🙂

Headshots Only mode!

Hydra headshot

The community had developed it years ago, Valve has released it ! What is the Headshots Only mode?
As the name suggests it allows only headshots. What’s the point ? It enables you to train to shoot only in the head because you can inflict damage only in this part of the body.
The badge search.


Hydra Jump

This game mode exists in many other FPS and it is the first teamplay oriented mode! It’s about time ! What does it consist in?
It’s a
kind of team Deathmatch. When you die you lose a DogTag. It is a number on which, in the armed forces, your personal information is registered. In CSGO each time you kill someone you’ll be able to take the DogTag and bring it back to your base. The team that has the most DogTags wins.
The Zeus mode :

Hydra zeus

It’s going to be fun! For those who are not familiar with the tradition of the Zeus troll I will explain;)
It’s a $ 200 weapon that has only one bullet. And it is hard to shoot with it because you have to be very close to the person. So why use this weapon?!?
For troll :3

The Jump Scout mode

Hydra Jump

This game mode enables you to practice jumping and shooting with the Scout. The Scout is one of the few weapons to be accurate when you jump. However, it is necessary to know when.

Last but not least !

The miss your target and lose your life mode !

It is cruel but perfect training to shoot well and to give yourself time to aim.

hydra aim

To conclude, this operation and these game modes have been awaited for ages. They are finally available and it’s about time!
Do not hesitate to tell us what you think about these game modes and to talk about them on the social networks!

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See u soon !


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