How to rank up easily on CSGO ?

How to rankup on CS:GO ?

Still stuck at the same rank? You know you’re better than that but you can not get out and rankup?

So, if you do not rankup, it can be for many reasons. The main reason is that the ranking system in CSGO remains very vague. Indeed we do not know exactly how it works, how our score (ELO) is calculated. In this article I will try to help you understand why you are stuck.

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What’s the ELO system ?

In each MM match, we gain/lose ELO points. And it is according to these points that we rank up 🙂 or that we derank: -x. These ELO points are also used in the game to find opponents who have a level equivalent to yours. However Valve does not give any info about the calculation of these ELO points, although it is obvious that we gain points when we have a good score and vice versa.

For example, if we shoot a teammate we probably lose ELO points, that may explain why we do not rank up in some cases. So what are we holding back? We do not TK his mates! 😛

It is also very likely that we lose ELO points when we flash or molo an ally, even without doing it on purpose. And so on the contrary, if you fash 2-3 enemies at once, this is the ELO point jackpot !

The ranking repartition in CSGO :

The distribution of players in the ranks changes constantly, but it is roughly like that :


Information CSGOSQUAD.COM, the 20th of January 2018

We see that the average of the players is between Nova 1 and MG1. It is in these ranks that there are the most players but that does not mean that it is easier or harder to rank up at these levels.

Some ranks are harder to ride than others ?

In the idea each rank is as difficult to mount. It would take the same number of points, but it becomes more and more difficult to gain a lot of points during a match. Also, it will be more and more easy to derank from the fact that there are fewer and fewer players, the higher the rank. So, if the matches are not your level you will rankup quickly because you would have no trouble to dominate your opponents. On the other hand if the matches are of the same level as you, it will be hard to leave your current rank (which is normal^^).

Several other problems arise when I make a #roadtorankup

I play against cheaters, I’m sure ! Why ?

You have several choices, the matchmaking system (not the ELO points here) has no official explanation, it is also done on purpose. But after several MM tests with friends I realized one thing : when you get reported by the opposing team, the next match, you fall against people who are stronger, but kind a lot more. The team you’ll fight with, you do not know why they are in this rank with you.

If you manage to win against them, the next match will be nonsense, it will be almost spinbot (cheaters who do not hide it). But if you ever lose you fall back against “normal” players.

I think the match system finds opponents who have the same ELO and the same number of reports. In the idea it’s good, but it happens to me from time to time to play under my rank (derank/no rank due to no playing since long time). So I play against LEM/Suprem players, they do not have the same level as me. They report me and then it’s the party : the next match I play against teams full WTF ! And we come in a kind of loop that I represented like that :

roadtopgm global elite cs:go counter strike

It’s always more and more difficult and there is more and more prefire / through, short completely possible situations but not at all rounds etc…

So, personally I think there is an algorithm when you start a game in MM that when you’re too many time reported you fight against players reported also. It’s just a hypothesis, it may be wrong but my tests confirm this theory. Tell me in the comment section of this post if you feel the same or if you do not agree with me!

How to rankup more easily ?

So after taking all that into consideration how to do it?

Already, avoid playing lower than his real rank. It’s weird but it’s true, smurf for example it’s not a good idea. You end up with a lot of reports and you end up facing players who really cheat and there is the fatal circle.

To have the advantage against the opposing team, it is the organization that counts. If you play with 5 friends, you have a much better chance of winning and therefore of rankup.

Counter Strike Global Offensive is a competitive team game. In this game the notion of team play is very important. It is a huge advantage, no matter the level. If you are synchronized you can beat any enemy team of 5 solo players.  It must be understood that on equal level, if you attack two at the same time and two different places, the player in front can not do anything ! In addition, if you are vocal you try to find people with whom to speak in your native language. Indeed, to speak quickly in your native language makes it possible to not need to transcribe in real time the information that you give to your teammates. This gives you a huge advantage.

After one month, no more rank ?

You have not played for 1 month and you have no more rank? After one month without win, you lose your rank automatically. I think this system is badly done. Indeed, the system works with the ELO as explained. But we lose that score all the time automatically when we do not play in ranked. What is stupid enough I think ! For example, I often play in other modes than competitive, and if I do not do at least 1 match in competitive, I lose ELO… The system is also discouraging for people who do not play a lot in competition for lack of time. If you do not play CS:GO often (a game/week) it’s a lot harder to rankup.

With this system, in 1 month you lose so much ELO that you have no more rank! It does not mean that you start again at the beginning it’s just that you have to make a placement match to find back a rank. So, during this placement match, you will be with people at a lower level than your rank. The longer you wait for this placement match, the more you will lose ELO. So, it means that if you do not play often you go a lot derank just because the system requires you to play regularly to not lose ELO and keep your current rank.


To conclude, one of the best ways to rankup is to play as a team. And above all you have to play with people of your level regularly. It looks stupid like that, but we tend to forget the basics !

Small phases of training in deathmatch before launching a ranked is always a plus.


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