Gloves in csgo -news-

News from Valve : a new case and gloves!

Here they are! CS GO has glove skins!

Valve sure had to do it. We saw them the first time in a LAN. (Starladder)
The current prices are too random for us to estimate the value of the skins so far.
First of all let’s talk about the interest of these new objects. The positive point is that they are no more helpful than the other items (just like all the other skins in the game). For now there is a big hype around these new skins.
Here is the list of the gloves that are available at the moment:
new_gants_2016 csgo global elite road to pgm
The prices for the moment are between 400 and 200 € and may change soon.
As a rule, the arrival of a new case is always synonymous with hype and surprise.

We will see in a few weeks / months the advance of this novelty.
A new case has also arrived!
Here’s what it looks like:

It comes with its set of new items of various qualities. However,  it is worth mentioning that the best quality is reserved for the gloves.

One last addition and not the least has arrived!
The ability to find the players directly implemented in the games!
This is a significant feature. It means no more hassle finding players via websites or whatever…This kind of functionality is super nice! I will do some testing and let you know about it quickly.


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