FPS in CSGO : How to increase them ?

How to increase your FPS to play CS well?

When you play Counter Strike Global Offensive, the game must remain fluid. It always sucks to see the game freeze for no reason whatsoever and at the very moment you want to shoot. CS:GO is not very well optimized, so to have quite a lot of FPS you really need to have a good machine. So how do you stop having this kind of problem? How does a Global Elite handle this kind of problem ?!? 😀

Yeah he has a mad PC !!

cry money roadtopgm global config fps optimise

Well, more seriously even with a PC that is a little old and not necessarily expensive (500 €) you can play CS:GO. There are a few simple principles :

To start with, let’s see the PC you have.

Its age :

Computer science progresses veeery quickly, about 10 years ago we played games like Counter Strike Source (2004), which were not too resource-intensive :
roadtopgm global elite cs:go counter strike source

But today, if your PC did not cost you too much (500 € approximately) and is 5 years old it won’t be the best. But here are some tips to improve its capacities (this article can also help you) :

What you installed on it :

Yeah… the toolbars appear while you play :p
roadtopgm global elite cs:go counter strike toolbar There are lots of softwares that promise you the moon to entice you to install them, and in the end they consume all the resources of your PC, more than anything else.
“Boost your PC”, “Boost your internet connection”, “Boost your d…” uh no, it’s not on the same site 😉 In short, this kind of software only slows down your PC in the end. But there are still some small software that are not too bad : CCleaner for example. But installing dozens of this kind of software is useless.

Date of last re-installation :

Indeed, after installing shit on your PC it is better to reinstall it, if you want to give it a second life. Normally you must have an installation CD that you got when you bought your computer. If not, Microsoft gives the ISO on its site (not the licenses :p <3) A reinstallation of a PC is good because you restart from scratch, just be careful to save your CS:GO configs or your personal files. Because if you reinstall, there’s nothing left !

Drivers :

This kind of thing can be rather complex, but you can have drivers that are not well optimized, so updating them is important. If you have a Windows operating system, do it from Windows Update or from the proper software of your graphic card (for Nvidia and AMD).

Software launched at the same time as the game :

When you play CS:GO, avoid running a Youtube video at the same time (unless it’s mine 😉 ). The reason is simple, to display the videos, Youtube uses Flash (a coding language) and it is not very good. So you can lose a lot of FPS because of that. Also, do not do video editing at the same time, in short you understood : no resource-intensive software! Try to just launch CS:GO, even without TS / Mumble / Discord … just to see the difference.

The magic command to see your number of FPS :

roadtopgm global elite cs:go counter strikenet_graph 1

To sum up, a key point for not losing FPS when you play CS is to keep a clean PC. There are also other ways to optimize your FPS, such as changing the settings of the game but we’ll see that later. 😉


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