ELEAGUE Boston the Next Major !

The next CS:GO Major will be : the ELEAGUE Boston

After the Krakow tournament in 2017, the new Valve sponsorised CS:GO championship of 2018 will be the ELEAGUE Boston !

roadtopgm global elite cs:go counter strike eleague boston

The event :

The ELEAGUE is well known and respected. This makes it a big deal for the teams who are taking part in it. Qualifications, called ‘minors’ 😉 will take place in autumn this year (between October and November depending on regions). These matches should be streamed on the ELEAGUE Twitch channel.

The 8 teams from the last minors will be competing in these and 8 more will be added. This will provide a chance for SUB-TOP team from all over the world to have a shot at it. It will also give us the opportunity to discover new players and maybe new strategies.

So, when ?

This major will be taking place exactly 1 year after the Atlanta’s so in January 2018. The quarter finals and semi finals of this ELEAGUE will be from January 26th to 28th. For this major, the Cash-prize will be 1 Million Dollars ! 😆

roadtopgm global elite cs:go counter strike gun money csgo cs go

Something new for us ?

Once the team is qualified, Valve may provide us with some nice “souvenir” skins from this ELEAGUE Boston. We should get the usual team and player stickers. For the luckiest of us, there should also be some new MAP cases which are full of extremely rare and the most expensive skins of CSGO #csgomoney :p

“Road to Boston”

We are very impatient to discover this new ELEAGUE major, which wil be held in the super nice city of Boston ! For the hardcore gamers, you’ll remember this city from Assassin’s Creed III and Fallout 4 😉

For the lucky ones who will be there, be aware that the ANNUAL HARVARD SQUARE CHOCOLATE FESTIVAL will take place simultaneously !

roadtopgm global elite cs:go counter strike boston

If you’re from Boston or you’ve already been there, don’t hesitate to share some nice addresses in the comments for others to enjoy  💡

I’m personaly very hyped to see which teams will be qualified !


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