CSGO Crosshair, how to choose it ?

Crosshair in CSGO

The crosshair is the cross in the center of your screen which enables you to know where the bullet will be shot.

Actually, it’s a part of the game configuration which is essential. Having a good crosshair is crucial to be able to shoot both a long or a short distance, with the utmost accuracy.

But what crosshair should I choose? Which one is the best ?

crosshair roadtopgm global elite cs:go counter strike

Well, there is no perfect crosshair ! You have to choose your perfect one. Some pro-gamers change it quite often.

Maybe you have already seen many types of crosshair, while watching CSGO videos. I will present them in this article, so you will get an idea or their advantages and disadvantages. But before starting you have to know that your screen resolution will affect the crosshair. What does it mean ? Depending on the setting 4:3 | 16:9 | 16:10, the shape can change a bit. So, the crosshair should be chosen according to your resolution and its ratio.

To give you an example, in extended 4:3 everything looks wider. So you have to ensure that it remains readable.

How to choose your crosshair ?

First, you got the default one :

default dynamic crosshair roadtopgm global elite cs:go counter strike

Then, you got the “Classic” :classic static crosshair roadtopgm global elite cs:go counter strike

You got also the “Dynamic classic” :

dynamic classic crosshair roadtopgm global elite cs:go counter strike

And last, you have “CSGO “.

These crosshair are default suggestions of Valve. However you can create the one you want depending on your preferences.
For example, thanks to the website :


Or with this workshop map :

Crosshair generator

Access here

The default crosshair is rarely used, most of the players edit it depending on their screen resolution/tastes. On the other hand, you have to pay attention to its efficiency. The aim is to find the enemy’s head without being disturbed, no matter the distance or the environment.

Furthermore, it has to be visible all the time, no matter the texture and so you have to find a color which will not blend in the environment and will always be visible (for example, your crosshair could be in a very distinctive fluo color).

Last, the movement. What is that ? A crosshair can be either static or dynamic.

  • A static crosshair will never move regardless of the actions you’ll do.
  • A dynamic one will, depending on your actions, have its “GAP” changing. The GAP is the space between the 4 stripes and the center of the crosshair. What is the purpose of that ?

In CSGO when we move we are not precise. For a beginner it’s not easy to know when we become precise again after we stopped moving, so putting a dynamic crosshair will help you know when you can shoot with precision.

However, once we are used to aiming and we don’t pay attention to precise timing anymore, it’s not that much useful and can sometimes get you less precise (because your crosshair is moving while shooting).

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