Configs Global elite PGM

Configs in Counter Strike Global Offensive (CSGO)

In this article we are going to see the different configs, their advantages and their disadvantages.

What is important to understand with the configs is that it there are two types :
The hardware config :
Headset, mouse, monitor, keyboard, mousepad…
The “system” config :
Screen resolution, mouse sensitivity, DPI…

In this article we are going to speak about hardware configs.

Important : all mentioned stuffs are not product placement ou brand promotion, they are only my favorite stuff (I don’t earn money saying that :D).

Personally, I only have Steelseries devices :
(6GV2, , Siberia v2, )
It has already been told many times, but the choice of your devices is crucial and setting them properly is as important.
I will show you examples for each device.


I don’t think there are good or bad headset brands, but having a headset is already much better than having earphones, having a sound management system is better too. Once again, I speak about what I know : Steelseries has a dedicated software for that. It’s a device management software : Steelseries Engine. Thanks to this tool you can adjust this kind of settings.

Now you will ask me : why should I manage the power of frequencies ? In order to hear more clearly low noise such as enemies’ footsteps.

The mouse :

It’s quite similar to the headset, if you have one it’s already nice ! But some configurations are required. For me, the most important thing is the refreshing frequency of the mouse : this is the number of times the mouse will collect information. To test your mouse, it’s easy : move your mouse from left to right quickly, if it jerks it means that the refreshing frequency is not high enough. It’s a problem because one day you’ll need to do a flick shot and your mouse won’t touch the target and you may die.

The screen :

It’s also a very important point, having a good screen is like having a cheat. People who have a good screen understand what I mean. Why ? For these reasons : 120/144/200+ Hz and black equalizer.
First, the Hz screen refreshing. It’s really important because the faster the frequency is, the smoother your game will be. Haters will say “eyes only see 24 images/ second” yeeeee ! Go from 30 to 60fps, from a game-console to PC-MASTER-RACE !

Keyboard & mousepad

I decided to put these 2 stuffs in one category, because it’s comfort stuffs. It doesn’t really help you to make nicer shots, to see more information, to understand better… It just helps you move in the game with more comfort. A mechanical keyboard can be more enjoyable to use and a big mousepad too, but if you have a “standard” mousepad it’s way enough to play.

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