Config to start in CSGO : Silver to Global Elite

How to start well in CSGO ? Part 1

Silver to Global Elite Pt.1 the configuration to start in CS and be the boss of the game #dealwithit

You just bought the game and you don’t know what to do to start playing in good conditions ? Or maybe you just want to improve your game because you cannot rank up Silver/Nova ?
In this article I will present some essential points in order to have good gaming conditions.

roadtopgm global elite cs:go counter strike

First thing we’ll discuss is the desk :

Why is it important ? A clean desk, without crisp crumbs or cat hair on your mousepad which will slow down your mouse is still more comfortable. Speaking of the mouse, you should have enough space to move it easily, without it hitting your keyboard or finding itselft at the edge of the void everytime you turn around in CSGO. Also, this may seem obvious for some, but it’s important to find the good placement for your keyboard, your mousepad and your screen (it’s a kind of Tetris 🙂 ).

Still around the desk : the chair. Here, the advice is applicable no matter what you’re doing on your computer but it’s of course very important to be comfortably seated in order not to hurt your back. And, more particularly for CS : being at a good height in order not to be blocked while moving suddenly, and place yourself in a good position in front of the desk. So, having a basic Ikea chair is way enough sufficient to start, a gamer’s chair is more of a gadget, it won’t make you any better.

This is not good :

roadtopgm global elite cs:go counter strike noob config start

This is good :

roadtopgm global elite cs:go counter strike noob setup pro progamer start

Then, let’s talk about the setup :

You need a computer which lets CSGO run at least at 70FPS non stop. To reach that, don’t hesitate to reduce the game quality (except the quality of the shadows. It’s a very important piece of information. Cf. article). Also, playing CSGO on a laptop is not optimum because of the small keyboard and screen. But if you don’t want to invest in a new PC, here is what you can do : put it on one side and use it as a desktop computer by plugging a screen and a (basic) keyboard.

Ok, how do I choose my screen ? Once more, to start in CSGO, no need to ruin yourself for a screen, but the best is to have one with only 1ms of latency. Furthermore, I rather recommend a size between 21 and 27″, bigger is not very convenient for Counter Strike. Also, when you change your screen, try to keep the same resolution, (16/9, 16/10…) in order not to have to get accustomed to a change.

Finally, some advice about the sound :

  • Do not listen to music while you’re in MM. You lose too much information (ennemies’ footstep or guns reload…).
  • When you play with friends on TS/Discord… adjust the sound volume so that they can be heard enough, but without covering the game sound.
  • Have a headset, even a cheap one, but a headset. Don’t listen to the game through speakers.

Last, software settings/configurations :

Here, the only rule is : test. You need to change and test many configs until you find the one with which you feel good. You should try that for :

  • The mouse : with nearly all the mice designed for FPS, what is nice it that we can choose the refreshment and DPI. It’s also important to find a good sensitivity in CSGO parameters. (my stuff (6GV2, Rival 300, Siberia v2, QCK heavy) )
  • The crosshair  : The easiest way, if you are afraid of doing it wrong, is to take the same crosshair as a pro player, but I recommend you to create your own with the dedicated map or website. Of course, as for their configs, the crosshairs are optimized by pro players. (voir ici l’article sur le crosshair).
  • The screen resolution : the best is the maximum. Afterwards, if your computer is not  powerful enough, you can reduce it by staying in a proportional resolution of your screen.

To sum up :

Do not hesitate to test many configurations. Take time to compare them  in order to feel as comfortable as possible.
Also, do not hesitate to send me a picture of your setup on twitter @roadtopgm !

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See u soon !


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