Championship in Krakow ! CS GO 2017

Official announcement by Valve !

At last ! A new championship organized and sponspored by Valve !

Where ? When ? How ?

Here is the official announcement video of this Championship :

Are you ready for this major ?

It will start on June 1st, with the Regional Minor Championships that will be held to select the teams for each country that will take part in the Major Championship.

The pre-selections will end on June 29th !

It will take place from 16 to 21st of July.

Here are all the dates :
June 1-4 : Asia Regional Minor
June 8-11 : CIS Regional Minor
June 8-11 : Americas Regional Minor
June 15-18 : Europe Regional Minor
June 29 – July 2 : Major LAN Qualifier
July 16-19 : Major Group Stage
July 21-23 : Major Playoffs
July 23 : final of the Major

What is Krakow ?

It is a town in Poland. It will be the second time a major will be hosted by Poland.
As a matter of fact, the first Major Championship took place in Katowice in 2015.

Who will be playing ?

We do not know for the moment which teams will be at the championship. Specific matches will be organized to determine which teams will be selected to go to Krakow.

Just for the record, the last team that won a Major (which was held in Atlanta) was Astralis.

But what does it mean for us ?

First : show !

Second : souvenir cases !

And also a champion for mid-2017 !

All the matches will be broadcast on Twitch PGL channel :

Those who want to go to the Major should know that the tickets are not available yet (no date for the moment) but while waiting for your pass to the PGL you can already book your train or plane ticket for the month of July !

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