BHOP : how to BHOP in CSGO ?

BHOP or Bunny Hop, what is it and what is the point ? How to train ?

Today we are going to see how to train better at BHOP !  🙂

What is it and why should I use it ?

So, to start with, BHOP is an action that is done in CSGO to be able to accelerate one’s speed of movement to a certain threshold. In general, you can move at a maximum speed of 250 (knife in hand). This speed is called velocity. Theoretically, up to 300 can be reached quite easily. Above 300, there is a barrier that will block you and slow you down automatically.
This 50 extra speed (250 to 300) really does have an advantage: it enables you to go to a place faster. For example, if you are on Dust 2 in SHORT, you can get there before the enemy’s team and thus have an advantage over the positioning and be able to take a more aggressive / defensive place.

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Now, how to train at BHOP ?

The simplest way to train is just to practice. When you are in a classic game, you have to get used to training all the time.

Tip 1 :

You must understand one thing before you start practicing: how the moves in the air work. As soon as you jump and you are in the air, you should not use your “move forward” key (W for QWERTY guys;-)).
To gain speed you must press the “left” (or A) key and move to the left at the same time to gain speed to the left.
So, you have to press the “right” (or D) key and move to the right to gain speed to the right.

Tip 2 :

Once you get your speed, you have to keep it at the moment you fall to the ground. You may have already noticed, in Counter Strike, when you fall to the ground you lose a bit of your velocity automatically. Except for a short time, if you jump again somehow your feet do not have time to really touch the ground. So you have no loss of velocity. So it’s the one and only way not to lose your speed. It is therefore necessary to train and to know this very moment when we can keep your velocity.

Tip 3 :

To jump at the right time, the best way is to reach a 250 velocity on flat ground. Then, jump a first time, release your W key, and try to go as far as possible by doing as much jumping as possible keeping your speed as long as possible.

Tip 4 :

Once you know how to increase your speed and keep it while in the air, you must now succeed in combining the two.

What I advise you to do first is practice on maps specialized in the BHOP. You can find them on the community servers by typing “BHOP”.
Some of these servers come with Bunny Hop scripts, so you do not have to handle that. This is not illegal, it is in the context of a server dedicated to the BHOP so no problem of VAC. These servers, therefore, enable you to train to increase your speed in the air. Indeed, you just have to keep the “space bar” of your keyboard pressed. No need to worry about jumping at the right time.

To finish, here is a BHOP demo video on YouTube :

To conclude, the BHOP is a rather complicated practice. However once you manage it, it is a real advantage in the game.

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