AIM in CS:GO : How to train and really progress ?

How to have a better AIM in CS:GO ?

First, we are going to see that there are several things to take into account in order to improve your AIM :

We are in a shooting game, so we agree that it’s important to know how to aim 😆

It may seem obvious for most people, but being able to coordinate mouse and keyboard movements in order to perform, in a game, the movements you want to do is the basis of FPS. Being comfortable with your gestures, not having to “think” about the movements you do to shift in the game is the first thing you have to master. You have to feel free while moving.

Next, five principal techniques exist :

  1. The “flex shot”
  2. The peak
  3. The “full auto”
  4. Triple shot
  5. Shot by shot

The flex shot :

The flex shot is, as indicated by its name, a reflex shot. This kind of shot usually happens when we concentrate, when we are engrossed in the game. These are, in general, somewhat impressive actions of speed and accuracy. There are some training techniques to develop your reflexes, and so, increase your chances of doing this kind of prowess.

  • Concentrate while playing, do not get distracted by your outside environment, be thoroughly in your game.
  • Get fully prepared for your game in order to put yourself in the best possible conditions. A dedicated article about this subject will be published very soon on RoadToPGM.
  • Train on “only HS” deathmatch maps. In fact, deathmatch is a very fast way of playing which will force you to play with your reflexes. You have to be permanently on the lookout. Furthermore, the “HS only” mode will force you to concentrate your aim on the most important part of your enemies : THE HEAD ! 😉

aim global flex shot roadtopgm global elite csgo silver roadto

The peak :

The peak is a quite easy technique to apply. However, it requires a good knowledge of the map you are playing on.

In fact, to be efficient, a good peak has to be done on a relevant “line”, a line on which you know that the enemy will pass because the map forces him to go this way. Playing regularly on the same map, thinking about the enemies’ movements and anticipating them, watching pro-players peaking… will help you to progress with this technique.

aim global flex shot roadtopgm global elite csgo silver roadto

The full :

Basically, it is a technique allowing to empty the totality of the charger without letting the bullets go in every directions (or at least, trying at the maximum).

Each weapon has its own spray schema, you have to learn them one by one, no other choice. Some maps are specially designed for that :

aim global flex shot roadtopgm global elite csgo silver roadto

You can find the spray pattern of the weapons here :

CSGO Beginner Spraying Guide

The triple shot :

It’s a technique which works very well with the AK and the M4.  As indicated by its name, we shot 3 bullets. Why only 3 ? It’s the number of bullets (approximately) that you can shoot without any, or with very little recoil. This technique and the last one are both very similar because they are frequently used when we don’t have a really good AIM. These techniques enable you to quickly have a better skill in the game but they are limited at high level.

The shot by shot :

And last, the good and old technique of : shot by shot !

This way of shooting is very little used at high level. Its problem ? It’s not fast enough, between 1 shot per second and a spray (seen before), if your bullets touch the enemy in spray, you’ll be quite more efficient for a shorter time. So, having a good command of the spray is much more efficient.
The advantage of this technique is that when we have a random aim, you still have a precise shot. In fact, no recoil to manage and it’s similar to the one-tap.

If you know other techniques, or if you have comments about the ones presented here, don’t hesitate to share your feedback with us on social networks. We’ll be glad to share with you about it !

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